B-magic contribution to exhibition at Université Libre de Bruxelles

When the exhibition “Cent ans d’un prix Nobel » on professor of medicine Jules Bordet” will open on 8 October 2019 at the Salle Allende on ULB’s Solbosch Campus in the heart of Brussels, visitors will learn also about the impact of the magic lantern at ULB. The re-discovery of the important lantern slide collection kept by the ULB Archive, and the activities organised for its preservation by B-magic team member Sabine Lenk, led the curator Nathalie Levy to open a small section for the reflection on the lantern as teaching tool. Most of the ULB slides were produced by researchers such as Abraham Léo Errera (biology), Jean Massart (biology), Émile Waxweiler (biology, sociology), working at the “scientific city” situated at Parc Léopold. Jules Bordet, well-known for his discoveries in bacteriology and immunology for which he received the Nobel Price in Physiology / Medicine in 1919, was inspired in his work in the 1890s by the intellectually challenging and creative sphere at Parc Léopold where he started his first experiments in Massart’s and Errera’s laboratories. It is in this scientific nucleus that progressively professors started to rely on the photographic reproduction of their experiments on glass-plates to disseminate the result of their research by presentations with the lantern in class and at conferences. The exhibition on the life and work of Jules Bordetwill be open until 22 December.


More information on the events celebrating Jules Bordet: https://actus.ulb.be/fr/presse/communiques-de-presse/recherche/100-ans-nobel-jules-bordet-invitation-vernissage-seance-academique